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True story of CH TERMITE

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The first time I saw CH.TERMITE was on Melvin G.'s yard, he was showing me his dogs, like his 6x winner JR(YELLOW's littermate bro) and many other fine REDBOY/JOCKO dogs. After looking at about 50 dogs, I asked which one is TERMITE? As Perry had brought me there to show me his stifle eating machine. Melvin G. told me "You walked right by him on the way in , he was that first dog behind the house". I thought to myself "hmmm, the first dog I remember seeing was an impressive looking big black dog, looked like an ELI dog to me". Sure enough we walk back up to the house and Perry says "thats TERMITE". THAT'S TERMITE! WOW! what an impressive looking dog, if looks could kill. He had the look of a lifer in his eyes, a being that had killed before and would kill again if given the opportunity. Perry told me "don't get too close to him, if he grabs you we'll have to use a breaking stick to get him off you" Why would I want to get close to him the hairs on the back of my neck were standing just looking at him.

The reason TERMITE was on Melvin's yard was that he was getting ready to be worked for his fourth show, Perry let Melvin and his sons condition TERMITE because they were covering most of the huge pot that was involved in this show. This show was much talked about back in those days, It was kind of a grudge match between Perry and FLETCHER CHAVIS. Mr. Chavis called TERMITE out because he said TERMITE was not from his family of dogs. Now why would Mr. Chavis dis-own a monster like TERMITE and claim he wasn't of his bloodline? Mr. Chavis was not a man of means, but what he lacked in wealth he more than made up in great dogs. That is how BOONE got involved in this great show. He told Mr. Chavis that he would back his LIL JOE dog all the way against TERMITE.

Well, the day of this great show arrived and there was a bevy of dogmen at Perry's place, a veritable who's who in the game back then.There were cars with plates from 26 states there[not that I took the time to count them, thats what the news papers said]. Come nightfall and the dogs are washed and released. This was a classic show, a contrast in fighting styles, LIL JOE a head dog that would only bite the head and TERMITE a stifle dog that would only bite the stifle. LIL JOE did an amazing job of keeping TERMITE from reaching his stifles for about 20 min.s but when TERMITE finally hit him high in the stifle that was all she wrote. It was down hill from there for LIL JOE. TERMITE proceeded to put on a display of hard biting that was witnessed by few before then. LIL JOE made a couple of game scratches, dragging his back legs, the way strays do after being struck by a pick up truck on a country road. TERMITE made a few scratches too, kinda funny though, he avoided the head like the plague, ran to the side of LIL JOE and hit his stifle from the side, never missed a step though. Well around 45 min.s LIL JOE showed he was deep game[took more than most] but not dead game and got counted out.

Then about this time when every one was settling their bets and not believing what they had just witnessed here comes this young lady screaming that the LAW was up at the house. Well if you haven't seen 200 people scatter in 200 different directions then you haven't lived. The first thing I hit was the brand new barbed wire fence Perry had just put up around his place, after leaving most of my clothing hung up on the fence the next thing I ran into was a ten foot drop into an icy cold creek. I didn't feel a thing, just kept moving.

The next morning I woke up at the motel, was it all a bad dream, nope those scratches all over my body weren't from a night of wild sex. I wanna thank the late GLEN COTTINGHAM for picking us up along that dark country road, a harrowing experience for a city boy like myself. The next few days there were all kinds of stories in the local papers, the one I remember the most was where they said the state vet was trying to keep LIL JOE alive for evidence and how he had to amputate one of his rear legs and he found a canine embedded in the femur. Made for some grisly reading. Perry was the only one that was charged in that case as it was on his property and a local breeder made incriminating statements against him.His penalty was he couldn't keep dogs for three years and a small fine, ah the good old days, they even let him get most of his dogs back!



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Date sent: 2017/05/23 10:44:11
Good story thanks!!

Your friend The Leperchaun taught me a fair bit down in Africa. Cheese

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