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Name of dogUserText
 BBK TYLER X GBF VALKYRIA Cromusbuly breed -not pitbull
 SEU & BDK'S ZIGGY * james wilsonThis dog is owned by me ..i was lock out of this accout!
 SOUTHERN'S MAYDAY GR CH 5xW ROMoliveira kenneltruly great dog
 KOCANI'S TRAMP CH 3xWDeeokaneThis dog is available for stud?
 THE ORIGINAL AGNB'S JOE'SELENE DirtDogKennelsCan you give me call 5202804017
 HOOLIE'S MR UGLY HoolieI am the owner of this dog and would like to have it moved to my account
 M.ILIEV KAPONE Jivovskiq_MafiaStreet Fighter !!!
 EXHIBIT'S SCREAM 1xWExhibithttps://pedigree.gamedogs.cz/details.php?id=271857
 ALTINDAG KENNEL'S PAY DAY uckennelI see this dog is for sale how can i contact you and please tell me the price.

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