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Name of dogUserText
 EVOLUTION'S AND WHITES CHOPPER adminOK, I move this dog under your account ;)
 EVOLUTION'S AND WHITES CHOPPER ExpressIm ower and breeder thanks so much !
 ANTE KNL'S JESSICA 2xWCvrle1W vs Sigal
 BROTHER'S PETER 1xW G.I.Schinotto333Hi. I am looking for a good quality pup to buy. I am located in UAE. If you can help please contact me. Thanks
 NORMAN'S NASTY GIRL j.bronxellesHello, Any female for sale of this blood?
 LOLA HectorperlaNice
 GIROUX' BOOGER CH 3xW ROMpete greek 1Pete Greek
 K.I.M KENNEL'S (LYKIA DOG'S) BADY CH 3xW 1xL 2xB.I.S D.O.Ycanhdongnang12how much is this dog? and how can i contact to the owner directly, pleas?
 ICHIGEKI'S (BLACK STORM'S) CHIGA CH 3xW D.O.Y.Sp grewalHi dear. Nice dog I am from india. I want game dog do you have for sale

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