APBT Online Register


     Welcome to The APBT Online Register websites. Our aim is to simplify the process of releasing certificates for American Pitt Bull Terrier breed as much as possible. There exists a number of registration authorities, but only we enable you to make a registration without a necessity of manual completion of four generation pedigree, which is quite time consuming. Pedigrees can be created on your own computer by using APBT Online Database website (registration to APBT Online Database and its using is and always will be for free). Since you can find a huge number of dogs in our database, the creation of full pedigree can be completed in a short span of time.

     What is more, by using our APBT Online Register website you can also verify an authenticity of your pedigree. Every single certificate you will obtain from our authority is provided with own specific and unique registration number. Because we want to fight against swindle with certificates, you can easily verify this registration number on our websites. After your registration number is verified, the maximum of information about the dog will be displayed on your screen (dog's name, sex, color of fur, breeder, owner and photo gallery - if available). This is a way of checking, whether the certificate you have bought with a dog is authentic or it is a counterfeit.

     Nowadays we get out not only four generation pedigree but also six generation pedigree and both for the same price.

     We hope you will be satisfied with APBT Online Register services.

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