Pedigree Database: DIMA X MACHABUCK


Sire: EBK'S & 19THK' DIMAS

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 No dogs from our kennel were purchased, nor are bred, raised, or sold for any illegal purposes. All dogs in our kennel are used in legal activities including but not limited to conformation, weight pull, obedience, treadmill racing, and other non illegal activities. We do not own any dog that were knowingly used in any illegal activities before or after they were in our possession. We do not want to be associated in any illegal activities whatsoever. Dog fighting is a felony in all 26 states of Brazil and the and in the Federal District (which contains the capital of the country: Brasilia), punishable by up to three months to one year in prison and fine, due to the Act 32 of Law 9605/98. Therefore, participating in dog fighting on any level can lead to imprisonment. We are not interested in going to prison at any point in time. Therefore, if you are involved in any illegal activities, including dog fighting, please do not contact our kennel for any reason. If you do contact our kennel despite this message, we will reply with a copy of this message to serve as a reminder. Please remember, anything posted on this website should be view strictly for entertainment or historical purposes ONLY. 

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Pedigree statistic
EBK'S & 19THK' DIMAS (GT) 1x 50%

Analysis pedigree
Coeficient of inbreeding (COI): 0.000 %

Ancestor loss (AVK): 100.000 %
This COI and AVK is calculated from 1 generations pedigree

Generations in pedigree: 4 5 6 7 8
      Dogs with color point indicate that the animal occurs multiple times within the present pedigree.



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