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Name of dogUserText
 SOMALIA BoomboomkennelsYes
 POSTEC & NOVO SELO (MGD'S) LARA moderatedYoung Boys lara
 KENNEL 44'S BUMBY JOHNSON AKA RIDDICK CH ROM IMPNew One KennelsDear admin, this dog is not a Champion. He lost his third and in stood the line. Please correct
 DRAGON FAMILY'S RINGO (VAN HERPEN ACE) CH 3xW 2xLapbtfrieslandace was bred by van herpen born in holland
 GAH DAMN KENNEL'S RICHARD RAMIREZ GR.CH. 5xW G.I.S PORmishinaHello! Can you give another way of communication with you like e-mail, facebook etc. ?
 LOOSE CANNON JAZZY BLACK kaine86Hey admin i need some help with my pedigree
 PPK'S (RYTYCH'S) ZOYA blackmountainkennelspedigree incorrect, dubhe is zebo x spanky, always had been until for some reason Admin here decided to change it.
 FREEDOMBORN'S MAX CH 4xW G.I.SarmeloWhere are you from ?

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