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Name of dogUserText
 HOOLIE'S MR UGLY HoolieI am the owner of this dog and would like to have it moved to my account
 M.ILIEV KAPONE Jivovskiq_MafiaStreet Fighter !!!
 EXHIBIT'S SCREAM 1xWExhibithttps://pedigree.gamedogs.cz/details.php?id=271857
 KASO PIT'S PAY DAY uckennelI see this dog is for sale how can i contact you and please tell me the price.
 RSK'S YAHMAL GR CH 5xW 1x B.I.S.adminDone... ;)
 WHITES CHOPPER adminOK, I move this dog under your account ;)
 WHITES CHOPPER ExpressIm ower and breeder thanks so much !
 ANTE KNL'S JESSICA 2xWCvrle1W vs Sigal
 LỢI AK TIGER ( VệN ) 2xWLợi AKhi

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