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Name of dogUserText
 GAH DAMN KENNEL'S RICHARD RAMIREZ GR.CH. 5xW G.I.S PORmishinaHello! Can you give another way of communication with you like e-mail, facebook etc. ?
 LOOSE CANNON JAZZY BLACK kaine86Hey admin i need some help with my pedigree
 PPK'S (RYTYCH'S) ZOYA blackmountainkennelspedigree incorrect, dubhe is zebo x spanky, always had been until for some reason Admin here decided to change it.
 FREEDOMBORN'S MAX CH 4xW G.I.SarmeloWhere are you from ?
 BLACK VELVET'S NIKITA KUKAMONGALP dejavu does not exist there is no such dog
 WYATT'S LILI 1xWj.bronxellesWould you sell her? Im interested.
 AGP'S SHIBOO se7Can you check my pedd?plss
 BBK TYLER X GBF VALKYRIA Cromusbuly breed -not pitbull

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