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Name of dogUserText
 CACAK'S (JUG) KLEMPA 1xLGgogaladze-tıblısıvery nice dogs
 WORMDITT'S BREEDING 2017 (CH TRAPA JR. BIS DOY X CH PIG BIS) duke1when the pups drop could you tell me how many males born and available ? price is 1000 € ?
 WORMDITT'S BREEDING 2017 (CH TRAPA JR. BIS DOY X CH PIG BIS) duke1Hi pups already born ? price of 1 male pup ?
 LONZO'S KYD j.bronxelleshello admin could you update titles from this dog as shown in other databases? http://apbt.online-pedigrees.com/modules.php?name=Public
 MAX ARIAS AmtoEl logro
 'BRONXELLES' (ROMAN'S) DANDY ANDY JR. *BRONxELLES KENNELS*j.bronxellesDog was last owned by Bronxelles Kennels.
 SERVO'S POSEIDONAS RATKO servosXiosrespected admin i want to inform this is my dog but i can update on another account that i lost so if you can transfer him to this account i have now.Thank you
 MAJSKI'S MUZI PORj.bronxellesHello, How do i get in contact with the owner of this dog? Yours, J.Bronxelles
 BOUDREAUX FLOYD 1xWj.bronxelleswho owns this dog? still alive?

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